Bax Carbon Wheel Reviews

"I've stuck a very decent amount of miles on them and they've come out well. As a sportive wheel, they're excellent. If you're TT'ing on a disc brake bike then the 50mm are well worth the investment. Sure, you're still getting drag from your disc brakes, but you're offsetting what the previous wheels did or did not do. And, quite clearly, the 50mm are very sexy beasts." - 

"My experience of the Bax Carbon wheelset was that eureka moment that a deep section wheelset was in reach of a Yorkshireman.; and, like the 14th century proverb 'great oaks from little acorns grow'; and i'll watch with interest how Bax Carbon progress on  their journey." -

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"Once again the Bax were brilliant. So easy to hold at speed and while there was a clear effect in crosswind I am alive to write this. It was far less than expected..... I've really enjoyed my time with these wheels and I think they're well priced with good back up from Bax as well." - 

Bax Carbon, Carbon Fibre Wheelsets from the UK.